Clinical Legal Education Program aims to build capacities in law schools to work towards grassroot legal empowerment. Law schools were established with the vision of creating social engineers however we seldom see that. We believe there is a need to move beyond the existing rigid clinical legal educational structures and create new pathways to involve law students to instill changemaking capabilities in them to bridge the gap for communities seeking access to justice. Involving law students in clinical work has the potential to help build a robust system of learning by doing, sensitizing and preparing young people to create changemaking capacity and respond to social issues in any spaces (educational or professional) that they occupy.

The touchstone of Zenith’s efforts is catalysed through deliberate and meaningful youth engagement. Through the CLE, the aim is to equip young law students with the practicalities of law, towards changing-making processes, create a platform for students to incubate and experiment with ideas in the field of social justice and build a network of Law School based Legal Services Clinics.