Physical spaces are vital for empowering communities, enabling collaboration, and fostering a sense of belonging. They serve as platforms for sharing knowledge, ideas, and experiences, promoting dialogue and a shared identity. By providing a safe and inclusive environment, these spaces empower communities to connect, learn, collaborate and take collective action .

Zenith hosts and facilitates diverse physical spaces for the community:

Kalam Learning Center

Kalam Learning Centre, offers a safe physical space for young individuals to explore and grow. Situated in Shivpuri, the foundations of the center were laid through a student-led movement - advocating for better ‘education infrastructure’ for students in Shivpuri City. Through their persistent efforts, the Municipal Council sanctioned a government building and provided the necessary infrastructural support for a library to be established. Over time, it evolved from just being a library to a space enhancing personal, professional, and community development among the youth of Shivpuri. In the absence of affordable public libraries in Shivpuri, Kalam Learning Center provides access to study materials, newspapers, magazines and wifi, free of cost. It not only provides a peaceful reading space but offers students with career counseling sessions. Hosts events such as chess tournaments, painting exhibitions and youth festivals.

Samvidhi Sashaktikaran Kendra, Shivpuri

Located in the center of Shivpuri city, surrounded by the beautiful Madhav National Park, Samvidhi Sashaktikaran Kendra brings together a rich blend of different elements. Our office reflects a mix of ancient fossils, traditional marble tables, local plants, a variety of reading materials, and, above all, a community of people from diverse backgrounds. At Samvidhi Sashaktikaran Kendra, we have the Shamnad Bashir Reading Space—a dedicated area for students to study.. Additionally, we have the Anil Dewan Legal Resource Center, which serves as our working area for daily operations. We have outdoor Chaupal, for discussions and meetings and finally the Zen Garden, an outdoor space surrounded by trees which provides a peaceful silent zone to sit, work or contemplate under the shade of neem, bargad and peepal. You will occasionally spot Owlets, Indian grey hornbills, parakeets, warblers, sparrows, rose-ringed parrots, green pigeons, bats, snakes, and mongoose families - all a part of our natural ecosystems and landscape.

Samvidhi Sashaktikaran Kendra, Gwalior

Located in the heart of the city of Gwalior, Samvidhi Sashaktikaran Kendra is primarily a legal aid clinic, but is so much more. A space curated to create safety, accessibility and routine. Equipped with: baithak - a hall used for hosting workshops, training, client meetings and film screenings; Savitri Bai Library - a quiet place to read, write & curate; and a working area called “Sahr”- named after Sahr (meaning wilderness) from word Sahariya - a tribal community we work with.. This is where all the legal, non legal work takes place - where lawyers, paralegals and students ideate, design, strategise and conduct daily affairs. We invite and offer this space for group discussions, exchanging ideas and building communities.

Samudayik Adhikar Kendra, Malanpur - Labour Rights

Samudayik Adhikar Kendra (SAK) is the epi centre of support for seven villages in the industrial area of Malanpur, Bhind. SAK is a community space - a one-stop worker’s facilitation centre to avail basic entitlements and schemes for a large majority of informal workers in the area. Equipped with a massive hall and two working spaces, SAK hosts a variety of events, training and workshops for youth and community leaders.